Our FAIL-PROOF Cold brew recipe

With summer weather upon us, it seems like a fitting time to make sure you all are equipped with our tried and true Cold Brew recipe, so you can kick off those Saturday brunches in style. While you’re here, be sure to purchase a bag of our coffee to make your Cold Brew extra delicious!


What you'll need:

  • One 12oz bag of Civic Roasters Coffee coarsely ground (or any brand of coffee-- but we think ours is really tasty!)

  • 64oz of filtered water

  • French Press or Cold Brew Filtration System


Pour the 12oz of your ground coffee into a large french press (this is the EASIEST preparation method for Cold Brew, without having to purchase a fancy filtration system.) 

Once the grounds are in the french press, pour in the cold filtered water. 
Place the top of the french press on, but DO NOT press down. You want the grounds to swim around and let off all of their flavor for anywhere from 14-20 hours. You can let your Cold Brew sit at room temperature during this process, but be sure to transfer it to the fridge once completed. 

After your brew has been brewing, press the top of the french press down and pour the liquid out into a pitcher. Ideally if you have a filter such as a Chemex or pour over, you can pour through that to make sure you are catching any small grinds that may sneak through the press. Then using a 1:1 ration of cold brew to water or milk, pour over ice and enjoy your smooth, summery drink!

What kind of roasts are best for Cold Brew?

That all depends on your personal preference. If you prefer a lighter, fruitier roast, try one of our African Roasts. If you enjoy a flavor that is rich in caramel and chocolate notes we recommend using one of our Latin American Roasts for your Cold Brew.  

Happy brewing!

Benita Kicoffee